Analysis of Accidental Drowning Rates in Taiwan

Over the past several years I have been collecting data from the ministry of health and the National Fire Association (NFA) on all accidental drownings that occur in Taiwan.  I then sent this data to an epidemiologist, or public health scientist (my dad), in the united states who analyzed it an […]

Kayaking, Rafting, and Tubing

Kayaking, Rafting, and Tubing is something that can be done on almost every major river and tributary in Taiwan.  It’s a great activity that with protective equipment, can be done safely most of the year, and could be a major industry here. (中文版: 獨木舟,泛舟,泳圈內胎)Th […]

Gogoro Exploration Map

I recently completed a 9-day, 1500km road trip around the island on a Gogoro S2 Adventure scooter.  You can watch a video blog series I made about it here . (中文版: GoStation跟景點地圖) It was a fantastic experience, and completely changed my viewpoint on the practicality of elect […]

7 Easy Hot Springs for 2019

(中文版: 2019年七個容易去的溫泉) These are the wild hot springs that you park very close to. Getting to these hot springs requires no more than a few minutes of walking. But, even though these hot springs are short hikes, please still use caution and pay attention to fast moving w […]

Announcement: Upcoming plans for FollowXiaofei

It took me close to a year, but I’m happy to announce that I have finally opened a company in Taiwan.  This is a big first step, because it gives me some capabilities that I did not have before.  The first of these is a method of staying in Taiwan after I graduate from Kainan Univers […]