Become a Hot Spring Explorer

This is a map of all the known hot springs in Taiwan (中文版:當個溫泉獵人吧), including the ones that I have not been to yet. The mountains change every year, so some of the hot springs may be buried or different than they look in the pictures. You can use this information to do your own […]

Easiest Waterfalls List: No hiking, Easy Parking

This is a list of waterfalls that you can literally park in front of. There is no path and no hiking is required. These waterfalls are right next to the road. (中文版:完全不用健行輕鬆停車在瀑布前的名單)New Taipei CityGolden Waterfall (中文版:黃金瀑布 ) is bright and c […]

7 Easy to get to Wild Hot Springs in Taiwan

(中文版:7個很容易到達台灣的野溪溫泉) These are the wild hot springs that you park very close to. Getting to these hot springs requires no more than a few minutes of walking. 1) Hongye Hot Spring (中文版:紅葉溫泉), in Taitung, Yanping District, is one of the only sulfur h […]

7 Easy Hikes to Amazing Waterfalls in Taiwan

Hi everyone. Here is a list of 7 easy hiking routes that will take you to beautiful waterfalls. This list is for everyone who loves getting out in nature, but especially for beginners who want exercise and a little bit of a challenge, but don't want to risk getting lost. Each of the routes are on a […]

7 Favorite Camping Spots in Taiwan 2016

Hi Everyone. A stranger surprised me with a "Top 5 Camping" request, so here's a few of my favorites +2(中文版: 前7露營區, Camping Map: Lake: Mountain Top CampingThis beauty I spotted from satellite photos while trying to save money on one of my […]