Gogoro Exploration Map

I recently completed a 9-day, 1500km road trip around the island on a Gogoro S2 Adventure scooter.  You can watch a video blog series I made about it here . (中文版: GoStation跟景點地圖)

 It was a fantastic experience, and completely changed my viewpoint on the practicality of electric scooters for adventure tourism and Huandaos (multi-day around the island road trips). With the addition of new battery swapping stations on the East Coast, and more and more mountain and rural GoStations opening up, most of the waterfalls and hot springs on this site are now easily accessible by electric scooter.

Below is a map of all of the Gogoro battery swapping stations in Taiwan, overlaid with the attractions on this site that are within 35KM of a GoStation (less than 70KM round trip).  These attractions can be easily reached without worrying too much about range.

There is a layer for GoStations, and a layer each for Waterfalls, Hot Springs, Beaches, or Lakes .

Total Attractions: 227

All attractions on this site within 35km of a GoStation have also been marked with this icon . 

You can find a full list here or browse them by type and location using the filtering system on the homepage 

The information on this page is for reference only. Your safety and following all the regulations in Taiwan are your own responsibility. For each outing, pay attention to the weather and do not go into the rivers after heavy rains or when there is a chance of heavy rain. Each person needs to prepare equipment and safety gear according to the conditions and their own abilities. Always look out for slippery surfaces, unstable ground, landslides and falling rocks. Be aware of the water depth, and be extra vigilant around fast flowing water. Be cautious you will have amazing adventures. Thank you for taking all your garbage out with you.