Caoshan Waterfall

Parking: 23.375070, 120.615430
Waterfalls: 23.376960, 120.618750

Caoshan waterfall (草山瀑布) is a unique waterfall in Chiayi, Fanlu Township (嘉義縣番路鄉). It's located high up on a cliff above the valley floor. The pool in front of it is so large that it makes the waterfall look small. If you climb up to the top and jump off though, you'll realize just how tall it really is. If you drive a motorcycle you can ride the road all the way to the top and only walk 10 minutes, but cars should park at the bottom and hike up the road to the waterfall.

  • October 10th, 2014
  • Caoshan Waterfall, 2017/4/3
  • Caoshan Waterfall, 2017/4/3
  • Caoshan Waterfall, 2017/4/3

Caoshan Waterfall
Chiayi County, Fanlu Township
Waterfall: 23.37696, 120.61875
Parking: 23.37345, 120.61586
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Detailed Map
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