Meiya Valley Waterfall

Parking: 22.923670, 120.682840
Waterfalls: 22.929210, 120.687420

Meiya Waterfall (中文版: 美雅谷瀑布) is a very tall waterfall in Kaohsiung, Maolin DIstrict (高雄市茂林區). It's huge. When the water is flowing good it comes off the top with a lot of force. It creates gale force winds at the bottom of it. It's one heck of a back massage. There is also a small waterfall with a rope swing near the parking area. You can camp there and bbq if you're into spending the night.

To get to Meiya Waterfall just follow the road past the bathrooms. It quickly turns into a path, and then, after about five minutes, it ends in the river. There river bed is wide, wider than the river itself, so it's pretty easy to get up to where you can see the waterfall. It just requires climbing over rocks. You'll have to cross the river a few times to get all the way to the waterfall though. That's really easy to do when the water lever is low, but it might prove impossible when the river is raging. The rocks are pretty big though, so sometimes you can find places to just jump across without getting your feet wet. The entire hike only takes about 30 minutes round-trip.

There is a smaller waterfall for the kids next to the parking area.

Meiya Waterfall
Kaohsiung City, Maolin District
Waterfall: 22.92921, 120.68742
Parking: 22.92367, 120.68284
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