Baishuiyuan waterfall

Parking: 23.021890, 120.558330
Waterfalls: 23.019550, 120.554840

Baishuiyuan Waterfall (中文版: 白水泉瀑布) is an artificial waterfall in Kaohsiung, Shanlin County (高雄市杉林區). It's located on the banks of a main river, so it won't be that easy to get to once the typhoons start. It's still nice to look at though, and the river bed that it's in is quite beautiful. There are interesting rock formations on one side, and an island in the middle. Definitely a nice place to relax and have a picnic.

It's just on the side of the road, you don't need to do much walking.

Baishuiyuan Waterfall
Kaohsiung City, Shanlin District
Waterfall: 23.01955, 120.55484
Parking: 23.02189, 120.55833
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