Meinong Water Bridge

Parking: 22.898750, 120.537110
Rivers: 22.898750, 120.537110

Meinong Water Bridge (中文版:美濃水橋) is a 130-meter long covered aqueduct in Kaohsiung City, Meinong District.  It was originally built by the Japanese colonials in 1910, but was later rebuilt in its current status  in 1927. The water is initially drawn from the Gaoping River, then flows through Gaoping Power Plant before entering the irrigation channels and flowing to the various farms around Meinong.  This map only includes the water bridge, but a large portion of this irrigation channel is suitable for tubing or SUP.  Just be sure to pay attention for low bridges. 

This tunnel is 130 meters long, and takes about 2.5 minutes to float through.  If you don’t bring a light, the middle section will be completely dark. Children can sit on beetle nut leaves to float through sitting up.  Most adults will be too too tall for that though and will have to go lying down.  Wear some protection to keep your back from getting scraped on the concrete.  Using gloves is also recommended to protect your hands. 

Meinong Water Bridge
Kaohsiung City, Meinong District
GPS: 22.89875, 120.53711

Detailed Map
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The information on this page is for reference only. Your safety and following all the regulations in Taiwan are your own responsibility. For each outing, pay attention to the weather and do not go into the rivers after heavy rains or when there is a chance of heavy rain. Each person needs to prepare equipment and safety gear according to the conditions and their own abilities. Always look out for slippery surfaces, unstable ground, landslides and falling rocks. Be aware of the water depth, and be extra vigilant around fast flowing water. Be cautious you will have amazing adventures. Thank you for taking all your garbage out with you.