Canyon of Lost Souls

Parking: 22.756090, 120.759320
Waterfalls: 22.755970, 120.760480

The Canyon of Lost Souls (中文版: 失魂峽谷) and Lost Souls Waterfall (失魂瀑布) is a small waterfall and swimming hole in Pingtung, Wutai Township, Dawu Village (屏東縣霧臺鄉大武)

Although the canyon and waterfalls are very close to the parking area, getting there requires some swimming and climbing.  

The canyon is deep and narrow, and a lot of fun to swim though.  On the other side is the first waterfall, which should only be crossed using proper climbing equipment (climbing route on left side.)

Once over the first waterfall, the main waterfall is only a short distance further. The pool is large and deep, and depending on the waterflow, you may be able to slide down the first waterfall (right side if facing down river.)

  • Canyon of Lost Souls, 2018/12/29
  • Canyon of Lost Souls, 2018/12/29
  • Canyon of Lost Souls, 2018/12/29
  • Canyon of Lost Souls, 2018/12/29
  • Canyon of Lost Souls, 2018/12/29

Canyon of Lost Souls
Pingtung County, Wutai District, Dawu Village
Waterfall: 22.75597, 120.76048
Parking: 22.75609, 120.75932
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