Shuang River

Parking: 25.012260, 121.922180
Rivers: 25.012260, 121.922180

The Shuang River (中文版:雙喜) is a small river formed by the confluence of Pinlin and Mudan Rivers,  which then flows into the pacific ocean and creates Fulong Beach, at its outlet in New Taipei City, Gongliao District.  The flow of Shuang River is regulated by a series of upstream dams weirs reduce the velocity of the river water, leaving the lower reaches of the river slow and calm.  This makes it possible to easily row both upriver or down river.  Additionally, the area of the river below the last dam (as shown in the map) is at the same elevation as the surrounding ocean, and as such the river mixes with seawater and it's flow reverses up to twice a day with the tides.  These currents tend to be very mild, because the maximum tidal at Fulong is less than two meters, which is very small.  

Kayaks and SUPs can be put in upriver for a 1-way trip, or put in at Fulong Beach to go upriver and then back down again.  Due to the slow moving water it's typically no problem to row low-draft boats like Kayaks and SUPs up the river.  During high-tide, tubers relying on river currents to reach the beach may have difficulty floating down the river.  If relying on downstream flow to reach the beach, be sure to check the tidal forecast before hand. To take full advantage of the tide and have it work to your favor, please refer to the tidal forecasts on the CWB website.

While the river mouth is wide and great for swimming, if you approach the river mouth or water near the Dragon Bridge, you will likely be stopped by lifeguards.  The lifeguards at Fulong Beach tend to very aggressively prevent swimming.  If you're interested in swimming without being shouted at, please move further up the coast to Longmen Beach, or across the river to Dongxing Temple.  You will not be bothered at these beaches, but please be aware that there is no lifeguard on duty, and some places may have rip currents.  If you find yourself caught in a rip current, remain calm and do not fight the current.  Swim perpendicular to exit the current or wait for the current to end and then swim back to shore beside it.

Shuang River
New Tapei City, Gongliao District
Upriver:25.01226, 121.92218
Downriver:25.02375, 121.93965

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The information on this page is for reference only. Your safety and following all the regulations in Taiwan are your own responsibility. For each outing, pay attention to the weather and do not go into the rivers after heavy rains or when there is a chance of heavy rain. Each person needs to prepare equipment and safety gear according to the conditions and their own abilities. Always look out for slippery surfaces, unstable ground, landslides and falling rocks. Be aware of the water depth, and be extra vigilant around fast flowing water. Be cautious you will have amazing adventures. Thank you for taking all your garbage out with you.