Qinsghui Hot Spring

Parking: 24.613320, 121.636370
Hot Springs: 24.612560, 121.634670

Qingshui Hot Spring (中文版: 清水野溪溫泉) is a large. geothermal spring in Yilan, Datong Township. Some of the heat is being harvested to generate electricity, and it has also been opened as a geothermal park as a place to cook corn and eggs in the boiling water. There are more hot spring outcrops out in the riverbed though, which bubble up at temperatures over 100C. These create big plums of steam and, when mixed with cold water from the river, make perfect pools for soaking in. These plumes can be seen from the geothermal park, and are only a few minutes walk away.

  • Qingshui Hot Spring, 2018/1/16
  • Qingshui Hot Spring, 2018/1/16
  • Qingshui Hot Spring, 2018/1/16

On the other side of the river there are also more pools to soak in, although the water temperatures isn't as hot as the main outcrop.

  • Qingshui Hot Spring, 2018/1/16

Qingshui Hot Spring
Yilan County, Datong Township
Hot Spring: 24.61256, 121.63467
Parking: 24.61332, 121.63637

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